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This eye pillow is made from satin fabric & filled with Australia linseed also known as flaxseed. 

Lavender scented. 

Actual flowers have been added for scent.

Size is approximately 24cm x 8cm. 

Weight is approximately 170 -190 grams.

Handmade in Australia.

Each eye pillow will come with a professionally printed instruction card in a cellophane bag.

Eye pillows can be used to treat ailments including

  • headaches / migraines
  • stress / anxiety
  • sinus pain
  • puffy eyes /tired sore eyes

Eye pillows can also be used for Relaxation, Yoga & Meditation

Use at room temperature

Slightly heat in the microwave for 10 -20 seconds

Chill in the freezer (Place in a plastic bag or zip lock bag before placing in the freezer to avoid freezer burn and food smells from entering your eye pillow)

Store in a zip lock bag as it helps retain the aromatic fragrance for longer as well.

Note- The fragrances don’t last forever, however they can be enhanced by a drop of essential oil.

Relaxation Eye Pillow Bright Blue.

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